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The California On Location Awards

Thank you for participating in this final round of voting for the 24th Annual California On Location Awards. Your vote will help determine this year’s winners in each category. We appreciate your dedication and time.

This year we will be voting at our Judges Luncheon on Thursday, September 13th.  Please be sure to bring your Laptop or iPad/Tablet to vote.  You are welcome to start voting for the finalists now.  Your vote can be changed by 11:59pm on September 17, 2018. 

Parking or Transportation issues: Charla Teeters at 760-337-4155 or at CTSfilmservices@gmail.com


Voting Process

1. To begin, click on the My Judging Assignments tab on the left side of the page.

2. Click OPEN to the right of the category you wish to begin voting on.

3. Once you review the nominations in a category, please pick your top 3 winners with the pull-down menu:

  •   First Place (Your top choice)
  •   Second Place   (Your second favorite)  
  •   Third Place  (Your third favorite)

4. You must vote on each nomination in every category.  

Important: press SAVE to make sure your vote counts!


Technical Questions

For Technical Questions or problems with your log-in, please contact: Charla Teeters at 760-337-4155 or at CTSfilmservices@gmail.com

Please use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser when registering and completing the forms.




© California On Location Awards 2018. Important Note: By Logging In, you agree that the information contained within the voting system is CONFIDENTIAL.  You agree not to copy, distribute or publish any of the information, content, video, photographs or nominations.